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Get Certified. Get Paid

We are the team of highly professionals and experts who came together to provide the best traininginformation, study material, exam preparation tools, study labs, and other study materials for solution seeking students and it professionals, and our success is built on the success of those who have gone before you.

We make custom onsite training, an affordable training solution for organizations of all sizes.  Our proven training solutions are used by private and public entities of all sizes and we know how to make outsourced training work for you.

Our trainers are thoroughly versed in their areas of expertise.  We continually evaluate our trainer effectiveness based on the trainer’s ability to create a positive learning environment and the ability to transfer meaningful job-related information to the learner.  As a result, MCT TRAINING CONSULTANT training is 100% guaranteed!

The MCT Training Consultant advantage is our expert instructor-led training, set in our advanced self-study format with enhanced user controls, which provides all the advantages and more of a classroom experience, anytime, anywhere.

If you have any questions, please call for help with MCITP and IT Training related questions (8:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon-Fri) or email us for help with usernames, passwords, or general questions

To access Our E-Learning Portal Platform, please Click on the “Register Online Now” Icon below on your Left to Apply for an Account. To Acccess your Account click on the Account LOGIN icon on your Right.


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To contact us:

Phone: +264-816227670

Business Phone: +264-853227670

E-mail: support@mcttrainingconsutlant.com

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